About us

Established in May 2014, EXME Gallery was founded due to the fast-paced fashion demand! We thought why don’t we satisfy those fashion hunger ladies out there? We do a thorough research and survey on what missing in our fashion lifestyle nowadays, we came up with nothing but one, a patterned fabric.

It doesn’t take too long to come up with our iconic ESME Gallery brand. EXME itself come from the word ‘EX-pecially Me” which is a brand that puts its customers as the core as we want EXME Gallery to be your personal fashion stylist.

EXME Gallery creates fashion wear with only one mission in mind: bringing you the best cutting apparel which will harmonize whatever looks you desire for the day. With all those said our blend of contemporary classic, vintage and modern styles provide a mix of seasonal must-have lists in your wardrobe.

“Walk like you’ll never look back, let all eyes be fixated upon you.

Confidence is EXME”